Dunnage Wash Systems Inc. was established in
1989 with a vision from a major automotive company.
The automotive manufacturers were directing all tier
suppliersto incorporate returnable packaging in their
operations which would require cleaning after each
use. With this vision in mind, Dunnage Wash Systems
Inc. built the first low cost returnable container
cleaning system in the industry. As customer
demand continued, our product line expanded to
meet the needs of many different industries. As a
result, Susa Corporation (the industrial parts washer
division of Dunnage) was developed to specialize in
a wide variety of industrial parts washers, including
bin, pallet, die and container washers to satisfy every
customer’s needs. We now offer complete turn key
automated cleaning systems for a wide range of
applications, whether it be for cleaning returnables
or parts. We also manufacture customized equipment
for any critical or specific need. Please take a moment
to look over our web site and be introduced to a company
with a proven track record for building equipment through
years of experience and service that will outlast all others.
But most of all, our goal is to meet or exceed your company’s
expectations that will in turn produce customer satisfaction
for years to come.